Types of payment

Created: 2017-05-12
Last updated: 2017-05-12
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InvoiceOcean offers its users the ability to choose different types of a payment while issuing an invoice. If you want to choose your own type, you may perform such one in the “Payment type” section.

Available types of payment are: Card, Transfer, Cash, Barter, Check, Note, Cash on delivery, Compensation, Letter of credit, PayPal, PayU, --do not display--, more… .

When you choose the --do not display-- type of payment, none of the type of payment will appear on the invoice.
There is also an option: more… You may choose it, if you want to write down your own kind of payment.
Remember: by marking checkbox : ”Remaining default settings in invoice issuance” (Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Invoices and documents > Remaining default settings in invoice issuance > [now you choose for example ‘from last user issued invoice’] > Save) your next invoice will remain the same, according to the previous configuration.

The types of payment could be easily grouped on the InvoiceOcean’s Income/Invoice table. You just have to mark checkbox: “Payment type” by clicking the “Customize the column display” button:

After enabling that, you will be able to sort it through the type of payment. Said option is on the Sorting panel, on the left side of the monitor.



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